Brno Guild of Cutters and Tool Makers

This civic association represents individuals and companies in the forefront of cutting and the manufacture of tools for metal and wood machining.
The objective and purpose of its activities are as follows:

  • to help increase the standard of technology for cutting and sharpening cutting tools
  • to support and promote the application of new tool systems
  • to create a system for the provision of information from the sectors of cutting and tool manufacture
  • to promote the application of cutting-edge technology in the field of cutting and tool manufacture, and in this respect to enhance the competitiveness of Czech engineering
  • to harmonize entities involved in new technology and the development of new tool systems with the aim of finding a footing abroad
  • to ensure steadfast support for the vocational education of young people, specialists and technical professionals
  • to coordinate the mutually beneficially cooperation of guild members and provide them with legal and professional consulting

To achieve these objectives, we organize:

  • scientific and working seminars, conferences
  • specialist trips and excursions
  • meetings of experts – specialists

We offer our members:
External services and consulting, právní a daňovou

  • the defence of guild members’ interests
  • concerted action in relations with suppliers and customers
  • the expansion and use of new product technologies
  • organizational support for placements and study stays at home and abroad

Pro udržení a trvalý růst odborné úrovně zajišťujeme:

  • cooperation with universities in the field
  • the support of studies and apprenticeships in the field
  • the publication of the good results of our members

The Guild of Cutters and Tool Makers is open to experts, people with a serious interest in this field, for tool makers, and tool sharpeners.